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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pioneer Day!

We had so much fun over Pioneer Day weekend. Jan started our weekend by coming down Thursday and going with us to the Oquirrih Mountain Temple Open House. I wish I would have taken pictures of the outside of the temple. It is beautiful. Jan spent the night and then she headed to Trent's. Friday, we went to Oma Wimmer's birthday party out at the family farm and had fun seeing family, eating and playing. Later we got to go and watch Mike Sky Dive for the first time! It was fun to watch and we were glad we could be there for it. We finished the day at the Real Soccer Game where the Real won 4 to 2. We watched fireworks there at the stadium! It was a great day! We spent Saturday relaxing . Well, I first trained for my half marathon and then we relaxed. Sunday was another restful day. We had the privilege of teaching the CRT 2 class at the Swahili branch in our stake. I have to say Jer did a great job teaching and helping the kids to be reverent. He is such a patient, loving person! I sure am lucky! Overall it was a great weekend! We love you all and hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are!Weston loved swinging over the ditch at the farm!
"Uncle Jeremy push me HIGHER!"
Mike coming down!

Mike and his instructor.
This is what it looked like when Mike landed but there were too many people standing in front of him to get a shot of it so this is just another jumper.
Papa and the girls.
Happy Birthday Oma! We were glad she got to watch the big jump.

Weston slept through all the excitement.
Watching Sky diving videos and trying to keep cool.
Thanks Taytum for taking a great picture of our family!
The crowd getting settled on the field after the game... waiting for fireworks!

Happy Pioneer Day!



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